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Backtest and trading multiple instrument crypto strategies online using Neomony

Introducing Neomony, a simple backtesting framework for data driven investors. Neomony ( offers a platform, diversification, and the ability to access crypto strategies that would be out of the reach to most private investors.

With recent advances in technology especially in the crypto space, the ability to invest like an institutional investor is getting easier all the time. Empowered individuals are starting to move the decision-making goal posts back away from expensive institutions.

However even with these advances there is still a significant overhead in terms of knowledge and having the time to do create, backtest and analyse strategies especially strategies that involve multiple instruments.

This is where Neomony is reducing the gap in knowledge between what institutional investors have access to verse private investors.

The know-how and time that it takes to create and backtest accurately a simple simulation of a crypto can be prohibitive for individual investors. So, when you want to create a diversified strategy that uses multiple instruments the workload makes it a full-time job. Neomony does all the heavy lifting for you having a library of strategies for you to analyse, choose from and then if you wish seamless trade in and out of sample. Through the simple to use platform, consumers have the choice and ability to easily select strategies and put their money to work.

Simple Experience

There are already multiple backtesting frameworks out there, but most of them require advanced knowledge of coding. Neomony however is completely code free!

4 steps to strategy selection and trading

There are 4 steps to selecting and trading a muti-instrument strategy with Neomony.

Step 1: Browse the strategies offered by the Neomony library.

Step 2: Choose your own mix of strategies from Neomony library.

Step 3: Select the amount from your crypto wallet you wish to deploy into the selected strategies.

Step 4: Creating an API key from your exchange account and execute the strategies.

Step 1: Browse the strategies offered by the Neomony library:

Time Saving

The user has access to a number of fully autonomous strategies, meaning they do not have to worry about cleaning data, working out weightings, rebalancing when index weightings change or executing the trades in and out of the strategy. They get this time back safe in the knowledge that they have access to a now diversified portfolio.

Each strategy shows the performance history on a chart along with some key stats to inform the user of their headline performance. Currently there are various market capitalised weighted strategies all in the crypto space. Offering diversification and risk reduction (by not having all your capital in one crypto instrument) to the user. The site explains everything you need to know in a way that everyone can understand about how each strategy’s construction. As you might expect the performance statistics are adjusted every quarter to reflect changes in the top market cap and trading costs are included so giving the user as much as possible a realistic view of what has happened in the past. You can also re-sort the strategies by other metrics including win rate (the number of trades that are winner’s verses losers) and sharp ratio (measure of strategy performance compared to the risk-free rate after adjusting for risk).

Selecting a strategy provides a more detailed breakdown on performance.

Step 2: Choose your own mix of strategies from Neomony library:

Once a strategy has been identified as something you would like to invest in press the ‘allocate funds button’ on the strategy page or press ‘Allocation’ and select the strategy to invest in. You will also see several free strategies as well for you to choose from if you wish.

Automatic Rebalancing

Also, any strategies that have a weighting (market capitalisation or other) are regularly rebalanced automatically keeping the strategy in line with the market. In the crypto space, this is not readily available so again this gives time back to the investor that would have been used recalculating and rebalance portfolios.

Step 3: Select the amount from your crypto wallet you wish to deploy into the selected strategies:

Simply move the blue bar to the indicate how much capital you want to allocate to the strategy

Step 4: Creating an API key from your exchange account and execute the strategies:

Input your API key from your exchange account (there is a guide on the site if you are not sure how to do this), press submit, and you are filled! The good people at Neomony never have access your money and only offering you a new and diversified way to execute your crypto business.

You can exit any strategy that you have at any time by selecting it in your dashboard and closing it out.

As I’ve mentioned, there is a strategy library containing several different methods to invest in crypto. However, if you do not see the strategy that interests you, drop the good people at Neomony a line a line and we’ll do our best to add the strategy as quickly as possible.

This is the first in a series on articles on the features and strategies inside the Neomony application giving readers the inside scoop on what’s available and new in the tool. So, watch this space for new articles!!

The disclaimer, this article is only for educational purposes and for you to understand the Neomony platform and the options available within. Remember that you are competing with other trading bots out there.

Find out more about how Neomony can help you invest in the crypto currency markets !

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